2016 Slavic Soul Party! Slavic Soul Party! plays Duke Ellington’s Far East Suite

2015 Zemog El Gallo Bueno YoYouMeTu

2015 Kultur Shock Live at Home

2015 Eva Salina-Primack Tribute to Saban Bajramovic Record Eva’s Website

2014 Kultur Shock IX 2014 Amy Denio Prodigal Light [bandcamp]

2013 Chris Stromquist CS/BS [bandcamp]

2013 Chris Stromquist BS/CS [bandcamp]

2013 Chris Stromquist DUO/UNO [bandcamp]

2012 Mycle Wastman v/a Soul of Seattle [spotify]

2012 Michael Hearst Songs for Unusual Creatures [spotify]

2012 Kultur Shock Tales of Grandpa Guru, Vol. 1

2012 Slavic Soul Party! New York Underground Tapes [spotify]

2011 Kultur Shock Ministry of Kultur

2010 The Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums Strange Flower

2009 Slavic Soul Party! Taketron [spotify]

2009 Kultur Shock Integration

2008 The Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums Laws of Motion

2008 Hans York Young Amelia [spotify]

2008 Mycle Wastman Beautiful Stay [listen]

2008 Steven Franz Skins & Shirts

2007 Kultur Shock Live in Europe

2007 Richard Cole Shade [listen]

2007 Kym Tuvim Nothing Sweet Nothing [listen]

2007 Cielle Morning Light

2007 Bruce Elzinga New Day [spotify]

2007 Elspeth Savani w/ Orchestra Zarabanda Gallo Que Canta [listen]

2007 Julie Gatz Outside the Office

2006 Kultur Shock We Came to Take Your Jobs Away [listen]

2006 More Zero More Zero [listen]

2006 Jennifer Leonhardt Gods and Nations [spotify]

2006 Swampdweller My Favorite Monster [listen]

2006 Steve Mason Home for the Holidays

2006 Sonando Tres [listen]

2006 T*Time Got It Right Here

2006 Forgotten Sol Contradiction [spotify]

2005 Kultur Shock (v/a) Balkan Beats

2005 Eric Anders Tethered to the Ground

2004 Kultur Shock (v/a) Gypsy Garden

2004 Kultur Shock (v/a) the Little Domain That Could

2004 Jude Bowerman Band We Only Met Yesterday

2004 Glorious Glorious

2004 Kultur Shock Kultura-Diktatura

2004 Quasi Nada Interrupt This Broadcast [spotify]

2004 King Frydai Mestre Pinto Flies the Kite

2003 Maga Bo (v/a) Mono – When Shapes Join Together [listen]

2003 Duece Bender Seattle…A Baseball Town

2003 Northwest Chamber Chorus Songs of the Americas

2003 Cathy Blanch Mood Swing

2003 The Urban Hillbilly Quartet (v/a) InRadio 4: Words/Wings

2003 The Urban Hillbilly Quartet The A List

2003 The Urban Hillbilly Quartet Amelia’s Boot

2002 Two Loons for Tea Looking for Landmarks

2002 Sunday Morning Music Don’t You Listen

2002 Maga Bo Do Alto De Santa Theresa

2001 Charanga Yerbabuena Vaiven del Mar

2000 Wenda Zonnefeld Latina By Proxy

1999 Jesse Stern Group Blues for the Bear